Monster Pairs Part 1

This week I have 45 videoconferences, 15 just today! The majority of them are Monster Match connections with Roxanne‘s schools. I’m hoping to collect some examples and pairs, and this is the first post in a series of captured monsters….

First, Lakeshore Middle School, MI and Dew ISD, TX. 6th grade students.

Had a little trouble with this one.

There was some confusion over the hat/head decorations and the skirt on this one.

Second, Mars Elementary, MI, and Franklin Elementary, TX, PreK students.

A little more teacher help with the younger students, and you can tell!

After the monsters the kids ask each other some questions. We had snow this morning, so weather was a hot topic. My favorite question though was from our PreK kids to TX: “Do you have cows?” Then, “do your cows have long horns?”

Stay tuned for more Monster Pairs throughout the week!

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