More Math Clues

Another MysteryQuest USA session today. We had some rough technology problems at the beginning, but they smoothed out and the kids settled into taking notes.

One school presented a news show! I love those. They also included visual clues at the end to make sure everyone got the notes. That’s always important with news shows because often the name of a tourist attraction gets buried in the news story.

We also had a jeopardy game that worked very well.

But my favorite clues today came from St. Thomas Aquinas School in Wisconsin. These are great examples of a very clear document camera clue. The exact notes that need to be written down are on the page. A large visual plus large text. The clue is given in a sentence with more information around it, but the important part to record is very obvious.

They also included a couple of math clues. Seems to be a new trend this year! I really like the incorporation of math with the geography clues!

All of the classes did a great job today!

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