Musical Geography of America

This afternoon E. P. Clarke Elementary, St. Joseph is connecting to the Cleveland Institute of Music for their Musical Geography of America program.

The program starts off with questions right away to get students engaged and interacting. Students answer questions that test their understanding of the regions of the U.S., borders and large bodies of water, major goods and services from the various regions, etc. The students also got a peek at their school compliments of Google Earth!

Students listen to different kinds of music including a hymn, a Native American melody, jazz, and mariachi.

During the program, the students play a Native American melody on plastic flutes and rattle the rhythm sticks with the mariachi music.

The program also includes references to American history events & people such as Lewis & Clark and slavery.

The 3rd grade teachers at Clarke appreciate this program and integrate it into their spring curriculum annually. There is a lot of variety in the program and it keeps the students engaged as they learn about U.S. geography and regions.

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