My Favorite Things

The first day of our Read Across America connections went fairly well. 7 out of 8 connections actually occurred. We had several glitches along the way, but we made it!

Here are a few of my favorite things from today.

  • Hats! Visuals are crucial in a medium like this! Many classes of course are celebrating Dr. Seuss and have Cat in the Hat hats. But we enjoyed the cowboy hats from our Texas partner school too!
  • Young students sharing work: posters, pictures, stories, poems. They are so cute!
  • Props! A class from Frazer Elementary class in Ohio had a wonderful castle, costumes and more to go with their story.
  • Pictures and stories. So many great stories, books, and pictures shared in the programs today!
  • Questions. From a kindergartener: Do you guys do math? And from Texas: What is the weather in Michigan today?

7 down. 31 more to go.

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