MysteryQuest Africa

First MysteryQuest World Geography of the year today. (I still have openings in the March sessions!)

MysteryQuest sessions are really fun to do because the students are so engaged and earnest about their work and learning. My favorite presentation today came from Bell Academy, NY, one of Andrea Israeli’s schools. The students had woven their clues into a mystery story about a special magical object. They even showed it – it looked like a beautiful silver teapot. I was too slow to grab a picture of it, but you can imagine.

At the end, when they revealed the answer of Morocco, we got to meet at student from Morocco and the city that they presented. She shared some information about the what life is like there. What a treat for our students!

We finished early because we lost two schools to snow days and other complications. So we spent some time asking questions at the end. A new question this year was, “What’s the price of gas?” We also had some lively rivalry about football and baseball teams.

Consider participating this year! Kids love MysteryQuest and they get deeply involved in their study of the region and motivated by the competition.

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