MysteryQuest Europe Notes

Today I am running the last MysteryQuest World for this school year. We’re focusing on Europe and have 3 classes from TX, one from OH and one from MI.

After a rough start with technical difficulties for three of the schools, we got right into the presentations. Several of the schools were participating for their first time. The most unique presentation today was from Mata Intermediate in Alief, TX.  They used an investigative interview format. A student was investigating the disappearance of a person who had committed a crime. Each MysteryQuestperson who was interviewed (wife, mother in law, father in law etc) shared the clues. Then they showed a poster. While we looked at poster, the interviewer repeated the clues again. “So you said, ….” and this gave the students a way to hear the clues again and get them written down.  This format worked really well and was quite funny to watch. The student interviewing had a fancy hat and pipe and acted very aggressive. It was a very entertaining presentation.

In the clarifying questions section today we had some interesting questions:

  • Does ya’lls city start with an e? I can tell we have a group of TX schools this time! 🙂
  • Is the city known as the city of a 1000 windows? These are the kinds of clarifying questions I really like!

Great job to all the classes that participated this year. Stay tuned for news from MysteryQuest USA coming up in April and May!

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  1. The poster came out better than i thought they will come out. All of us worked great together and I liked the plays of all the school.

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