MysteryQuest Miracle

I’ve been flat on my back sick all week, but on Tuesday we had a small miracle.

I had a MysteryQuest Western Hemisphere session scheduled with 5 classes, and I was too sick to crawl out of bed, let alone facilitate. All weekend prior, I had wracked my brain trying to think of what to do. I can’t bear to cancel a MysteryQuest because they are almost impossible to reschedule.

Then it hit me, all the teachers had done MQ before! They could just dial in and run it themselves.

I know, whoever heard of that? Five rowdy middle school classrooms on a multipoint with no facilitator?

But, they did it! Four amazing teachers and one great MysteryQuest. I am so proud of these teachers:

  • Classroom A Teacher: Annette Rozycki, O.W. Best Middle School, Dearborn, MI
  • Classroom B Teacher: Debbie Fucoloro, St. Clement School, Archdiocese of St. Louis, Des Peres, MO
  • Classroom C Teacher: Jeff Gaynor, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Classroom D Teacher: Laura Ponsart, Gilles-Sweet, Fairview Park City Schools, Fairview Park, Ohio
  • Classroom E Teacher: Jeff Gaynor, Ann Arbor, MI

And afterwards, they all emailed each other sharing congratulations on a  job well done. Thank you, teachers & techs, for making another great experience possible so we wouldn’t have to disappoint students by canceling the session!

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