MysteryQuest World Geography and Visuals

This week I have several classes participating in MysteryQuest World Geography. We’ve been facilitating this program since 2002, and it’s always fun to see what the students come up with for their presentations. This week we’ve had fun costumes, interesting hats, and great PowerPoints with clear clues.

In a MysteryQuest, four to six classes share clues about a country, state, or historical event, and then research like crazy to figure out what everyone presented. At the end, we share guesses and correct answers. Students are highly engaged!

I can tell when the students have used the handout to prepare their posters or PowerPoint. I usually prefer to share only good examples, but this morning, one slide was so hard to read that it makes a great bad example!

Can YOU read the area of the country from this slide?!

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I hope YOU can participate in an upcoming MysteryQuest or HistoryQuest!

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