MysteryQuest World with Alaska

Today’s MysteryQuest: Western Hemisphere has two classes from Michigan, one from Missouri, and one from Alaska. Unfortunately we had trouble with the Alaska connection at the beginning, so we brought their class in via speakerphone. Sometimes you go with whatever method you can use to get the students to participate.

Another unique thing about today’s connection was that we had a group from an all girls school in Michigan.

Most of the schools had PowerPoints today, so while the presentations weren’t really exciting, they were easy to take notes on and that makes it less stressful for the students participating, especially when we have quirky technology problems.

The real highlight of today’s MysteryQuest was the conversation we had at the end with the students in Alaska. We talked about when it gets dark during the winter, school times, snow days, the reindeer herds, what the students eat normally, and many other things. It is always great to connect to places far away and Alaska is on our favorites list for sure!

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