Narrative Notes

Just a few notes from the session on Family Stories & Narrative Today.

  • If we know our story we can listen to other’s stories.
  • If you can’t express/extend/tell what you value, you can’t be an effective leader.

Suggested Reading: Dr. Baumgartner made a wishlist on for us with these books.

  • True North– authentic leadership & leading with integrity, leading from your inner core
  • Telling Secrets – reflection, leadership is a fundamentally reflective activity –
  • Leadership and Self Deception
  • Making of a Leader – Robert Clinton (he researched people who had served overseas as missionaries)
  • A Hidden Wholeness – by Parker Palmer and Let Your Life Speak – listening to the voice of vocation
  • The Call of Stories – by Robert Coles – the book that started mom on her path of stories
  • A Leaders’ Guide to Reflective Practice
  • Turning to One Another – by Margaret Wheatley
  • The Black Swan – by Taleb

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