National Distance Learning Week

Did you know this is National Distance Learning Week?

USDLA is doing a full series of webinars on many distance learning and ed tech topics.

I presented yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to have almost 60 people in my session.

What do you think? Are webinars a quick and easy way to learn? It seems like it worked very well yesterday… maybe this is the latest for PD… training without leaving your computer? Do you prefer this method of learning? Please comment!

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  1. Can we view the archive if we missed your session? I have attended many Elluminate one-hour sessions and I like the links that they would give us afterward.

    I don’t know how much I learned. They would read a PowerPoint to us and we would goof around in the chat. If I want to really learn something, I like to find someone who has experience with the topic or whatever and learn from them. I am so hands-on and have to have authentic tasks, that it is hard for me to force myself to learn by just listening and seeing a powerpoint.

    I really enjoy having access to content in many different ways.

    • I will watch for an archive and will post the link when I get it. I know they recorded it but am not quite sure what the plan is for sharing.

      Do you think all Elluminate sessions have to be a PPT and listening? I have attended one webinar that was done like a workshop, with breaking into groups, discussion, reflection, etc. Mine was pretty PPT plus listen, but if I had been given a little more time to prep and play with the tools, I could have been more creative in the methods….

      It’s not necessarily the tool – it’s the instructional methods, right?!

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