Native Americans and Settlers

Reed Middle School, Bridgman, is connecting today to The Cleveland Museum of Art for their Native Americans and Settlers program. Last year, this school did several CMA programs with another grade level, and since they loved the experience, the media specialist has found funding for most of the classes to connect to CMA this year!

We hadn’t seen this particular program yet, but it was excellent just like the others! The program was visually rich, with students learning about Native American and settlers differing views of the land, methods of building, and various native foods. As always, Arielle engaged the students with in-depth questions and discussion throughout the session.

The program ended with a trading activity. The students are divided into Native Americans and settlers, and they have to trade without talking to each other (since they couldn’t speak the same language of course). Afterwards, they discussed the process of trading and what they might do with what they traded for.

Great work, Reed Middle School & thanks Arielle, for another excellent lesson!

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