Natural Dyes with the Cleveland Museum of Art

IVC Showcases have been going on all day today at NECC 2008 and they’ve been mostly packed! I couldn’t get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame one, so you can get a flavor of the popularity of the IVC sessions at NECC this year. Why are they just on one day?

In The Cleveland Museum of Art‘s program, we participated in their new program on Natural Dyes. The participants colored a bookmark using spinach, just like we did in Jazz two weeks ago. I’ll add a couple pictures here from the Jazz workshop so you can see what it’s like:

Here’s a new thing! Someone asked how to get access to the programming if they don’t have access and CMA answered that they’ve done their programs with tools such as Skype etc. So they are willing to work with you on getting access to their programs. Cool!

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