New Collaborative VCs Wiki

Ever wish there was one place with collaborative VC project ideas where teachers could get ideas and also share their great project plans? Are you running workshops on collaborative VCs? Want some materials to assist? Want to share your materials? Interested in having your workshop participants contribute their project ideas to a collaborative community?

Then check out this new website:

Viewing & Replicating VC Projects
You can use the projects already completed to do your own similar project, or as a springboard for your own VC project ideas.

Contributing VC Projects
You can also contribute projects. You’ll find instructions linked in the welcome paragraph on the front page, including the password to edit.

You can also use it in your VC workshops, especially those focusing on collaborative projects. If you need help setting up a space for your workshop, let me know. We can pre-load the group/participant pages with a template for their project.

Note the “Projects Being Written” section. Thanks to Roxanne Glaser, Distance Learning Specialist for ESC Region 12 for being the first one to use the site for a workshop. You can see that her participants started their projects, but aren’t finished yet. They are coming back to it in August. Their projects will stay in the “in progress” area until they are complete. Then we’ll move them to the appropriate subject area.

I’m using the CollaborativeVCs Wiki for participants to create projects in my NECC workshop tomorrow. We’re using it for a collaborative workshop (123 VC: Jazzing Up Your Curriculum with Videoconferencing) with several VC gurus in NY, TX, and MO in August as well.

You’ll find handouts and materials for running a workshop for collaborative VC projects too. Feel free to add your own too if you have something you’re willing to share!

The site is hosted & managed by the Berrien County ISD, but we definitely welcome your contributions, input, and ideas! That’s what a wiki is all about! There’s a place on the sidebar to add your organization as a contributer. Come share your VC project ideas! The more ideas we have, the more great curriculum-connected projects we can do with each other! And impacting kids and learning is what it’s all about, is it not?!

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