New Content Provider Showcase Series

Today we have our first content provider showcase in a new format! My schools are so tired of coming here for workshops and last year they were begging for content provider showcases that they could attend at their school or district.

So we have 4 sites connected, with 1-3 teachers at each site. I’m flipping the layout to voice-activated full screen or everyone on screen based on whether we have a presentation coming/visual or whether we’re discussing.

I asked the content provider to actually do a program with everyone – hands-on activities, handouts, etc. the whole thing! Then they will spend some time talking about all the other programs they offer.

So this first session is on Ball of Confusion: Rock Music and Social Change in the 1960s from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The upcoming showcases include NASA, The Cleveland Museum of Art, the Buffalo Zoo, Center for Puppetry Arts, and Mote Marine.

To encourage attendance, I’m also giving away 3 free sessions to the teachers who show up to the showcase.

Everyone really appreciated the format, especially the fact that it didn’t use any gas!!

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