New Weather Watch program from COSI

Today we have a class trying out the new Weather Watch program from COSI Columbus (content provider of our favorite Gadget Works and Knee Surgery).

Weather WatchThe program starts out with students sharing their hypothesis for what happened on the presenter’s vacation last year, by using the barometer readings and other weather statistics.

Students are organized into groups with titles like Atmosphere Scientist, Data Specialist, Technicians, Forecaster, etc. Each group has a set of materials for the experiments.

The experiments cover topics like high pressure and low pressure; cold fronts & warm fronts, etc.

Students were highly engaged throughout the videoconference – running the experiments, predicting what might happen, and discussing hypotheses in groups. This was a cool new program from one of my favorite providers. I didn’t get to watch as much of it as I had hoped, though, because I was setting up for Mrs. Claus tomorrow. Still, it looked very interesting!

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