A Novel in an Hour

Are you subscribed to Roxanne Glaser’s blog? If not, you missed a great write-up of her workshop on Sunday morning of the ISTE 10 conference.

Unfortunately I was flying, so I missed it!

Roxanne is a master at using collaborative asynchronous tools to support the videoconference project. Here’s the description of her workshop to convince you to check out her blog and wiki.

This session will model social constructivist learning theory using videoconferencing and supportive technologies. It will be an experience where participants will actually take chapters from the novel, create presentations using wikis, webcams, cameras, etc, and then share and connect to experts and others via video conference. This session is designed for teachers and technologists who would like to engage reluctant intermediate and middle school students to read and write. The mixing of Skype/video conferencing and Web 2.0 technologies is a fundamental principal to increasing and improving the learning opportunities afforded students participating in a distance-learning, “virtual field trip,” style learning event.

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