Out of the Mouths of Babes

Kid advertising for VC is the best there is! I’ve blogged already about how students advertise VCs to teachers. How about to administrators too? I just learned that one of our local administrators got excited about videoconferencing after hearing his child talk about bats at the dinner table. The child had participated in the ASK: Stellaluna program that I’ve blogged about before. The child excitedly described all the things they learned in the conference. Now the administrator realizes even more the benefits of “bringing the world to the classroom” via videoconferencing.

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  1. Adding to that Janine- I have had teachers send home “permission slips” promoting/advertising an upcoming vft, stating something like-

    “Our class will be traveling to Cleveland next Tuesday, but we’ll back in time for recess”.

    This really piqued interest and often resulted in parents coming to the classroom to join the “trip”.

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