Pirate Crew from ISTE 10 IVC Playground

The videoconferencing playground, a first at the ISTE conference, was a smashing success! More detailed posts coming as I sort through my notes and pictures. I want to share a report from each of the six videoconference solutions featured at the playground, as well as some reflections on the learning that occurred. I thought in the meantime that you might like to see this picture to get a feel for the fun we had!

Everyone in the picture tweets about VC:
Back row: @hairynomas, @outonalim, @lcolwill, @shanehoward, @roxanneglaser, @museumgds
@amyspath, @sckdln, @cmollerstuen

This isn’t the whole crew – just a few of us! My copy of the whole group pic didn’t turn out well.

The playground was set up with six islands with different videoconferencing solutions (mostly H323). Attendees first visited the pirate queen to get a letter of marque so they could explore the islands. If they visited at least 3, they were entitled to some pirate treasure, and their names entered in a drawing for over $4000 worth of content provider programs and professional development.

You can read more about it at the official wiki for the IVC playground. More information to come in future posts! And if you’re planning to go to ISTE 2011, keep us in mind & volunteer!

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