Planned Pauses

Here’s a little tidbit I learned from a participant in one of my online classes (who prefers to remain anonymous). Plan pauses into the agenda for your videoconferences. 

For example,  after one class presents, mute for a few minutes and debrief with your class. What feedback might you want to give them? What constructive comments could you share?

Another appropriate time for a muted pause is just before asking questions of the other school. Have the students brainstorm what questions would be useful to ask.

These pauses can be like the Think Pair Share cooperative learning strategy. The think time (planned pause) gives the students opportunity to increase the quality of the interaction. Think time increases the depth of learning.

So, how have YOU used pauses in your videoconferences?

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  1. I have used this technique on numerous occasions – especially with staff development
    For instance – teacher presents a concept then teachers at the other sites have time to
    digest it, reflect on it, debrief – I think it actually build more interaction or should
    I say more effective interaction into the actual videoconference!

  2. I started using this “planned pause” with the online stopwatch.

    or if you don’t have the PC/Mac connected, you can put a timer on the doc cam The timer with the pause keeps everyone on track.

    I have been going so fast, multi-tasking on so many things that I have to be reminded to be still and wait. That can be a good thing…actually, essential at times. 🙂

    Back to Holiday Extravaganza planning!

  3. We also try ad use pauses to allow the students to digest information they received and articulate their most important interests. But, I think Roxanne’s idea to put some kind of short-length timer out is a great idea.
    It is so easy, with all that we want to share and learn,
    to kinda’ just forget to breath when you have such limited time to visit with people.
    Still, every one needs time to think! So a timer is certainly going to be the next prop we
    include in our conferences… maybe with a some fun music to go along with it, like
    maybe The Amazing Musical Howling Dog Quartet! 🙂
    Thanks for the idea.

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