Plants & Puppets

Can you identify a plant’s habitat? Students from North Elementary, Watervliet, are connected to the Center for Puppetry Arts for the Plants program.

Students are learning about plants and their various habitats. They learned about the largest flower in the world, the Rafflesia arnoldii. It’s smell, that of rotten meat, can be detected a mile away. One student exclaimed, “Cool!”

After an introduction to the habitats, the students begin making a puppet. The presenter, Patty Petrey Dees, is very encouraging to the students and gives them clear instructions for making the puppet during the program.

Students learn about the different parts of the plant, identifying, labeling, and discussing the details of each plant part. The program also includes kinesthetic movement as students learn how the plants work. These activities help students stay focused for the length of the program.

Students also look at various foods and identify which part of the plant they are eating.

We really enjoy the programs from the Center for Puppetry Arts and this one was top notch like the others!

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