Presidential Energy Debate with Florida

Today, amongst several Monster Match videoconferences, we have Dowagiac Middle School connecting with Lake Stevens Middle School in Florida for a presidential debate about energy. These are two science classes studying the environment.

Our class started with an introduction by two students posing as McCain and Palin, and then some introductions from the “mayor” of Dowagiac. Some students also told about the Potawatami Indians living in our area. Then the students presented in groups various aspects of the McCain-Palin energy policies, complete with visuals.

The class in Florida started with an introduction from students posing as Obama and Biden. Their presentation included a little section of Obama saying “McCain says…” and the rest of the students shouting “That’s more of the same!” During their debate/presentation section, the students not presenting were more like a live audience during a campaign speech. Lots of spirit!

After the presentations, the students asked each other questions. Everyone was pretty excited to talk to each other. Here are some examples:

  • Have any of you experienced a hurricane?
  • What are the gas prices there?
  • How long are your summers?
  • How many kids are in your school?
  • Have you guys ever seen snow?

Everyone really enjoyed this connection… We found it on CAPspace.

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