Pro Football Hall of Fame

I’ve muttered before about the lack of good options for high school teachers for videoconferences. But today I have a quick report from a teacher who did the Careers in the NFL program from the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Tuesday. I didn’t get to see it because I was facilitating our veterans interviews. However, I got this report:

I thought the program was excellent. It was very interactive and the students really enjoyed it. My marketing class is full of senior boy athletes which I think made a difference, since the focus was on football. However, he talked a lot about careers that many of my students showed interest in.

I would definitely do this again…especially next year in my sports marketing class!!

This is good news! It was our first connection with the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Their programs are VERY reasonably priced, and they can be scheduled by request! Perfect for middle and high school schedules!

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