Problem-Based Instruction and 21st-Century Classrooms

SIG IVC Showcase: Jill Dingman, Pinal County ITv Consortium with Bev Mattocks and Nick Trakas

Description: Videoconference with junior high students and their teachers to learn how problem-based instruction and videoconferencing have helped create 21st-century classrooms in rural Arizona.

From the handout for the session:

This five-year project was originally funded by Enhancing Education Through Technology, The Pinal County ITv Partnership. Currently in its third year, the project uses videoconferencing for teacher professional development and student collaboration and instruction. Teams of seventh and eighth grade students and their teachers work to solve a complex community problem. Subjects including English, Social Studies, Science, Math, the Arts, Physical Education and Technology are used in real-world context. Students are required to present their findings and solutions to the community each year.

The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) has provided teacher professional development through its Vistas project. Interdisciplinary teacher teams trained intensively for 30 hours at the beginning of the project and meet monthly with their trainer, Bev Mattocks, throughout the school year.

Check out the pictures of the bee project here.

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