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I’ve been reading the latest Edutopia magazine and the Go National article caught my eye as a potential project format for partner classes connecting via videoconference.

The students in each school read the same play produced by MTC, identifying major themes and analyzing scenes and characters. They can ask questions and discuss the work online with the playwright. Then they write original short plays based on themes in the work they’ve all read, subsequently posting their scripts on the Web site for comments. In the production phase, a play written at one school is produced by a partner school. Production requires constant intersite communication among partner schools and the MTC teacher/artist in New York who oversees the project. Students in each school select actors, directors, stage managers, and designers. The productions are videotaped, viewed on the Web site, and discussed by all participants.

Imagine the possibilities of two or more classses partnering for projects like this over a semester – connecting via videoconference, web, email, and other communication technologies! What new ideas do you get from this blurb?

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  1. The ACELINK group in Fort Wayne, Indiana is looking at the same idea, and we’d be very interested in a partnership of this type. We are an educational collaboration between the local k12 schools and Indiana University-Purdue University in Fort Wayne (IPFW). We have many faculty who would also like to look at this type of project. Keep us in the loop if the discussion moves forward.

  2. Once you find an idea you like, and want to implement it, the next step is to make it happen! Which faculty are interested? How do they want to tweak the format? What are the parameters of the project? Who will be the partner classes?

    If you want assistance setting up this type of project, you may want to sign up for our online class – – Planning Interactive Curriculum Connections. The next session runs the month of August.

    Or just take the format, plan it and do it!!

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