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Yesterday I stumbled across another VC blog, this one from Amy Chayefsky in Arizona. Amy is writing about Maricopa ITV videoconferencing. Not only that, but she’s running RA Az, or Read Across Arizona, in the next two weeks, to prepare classes to participate in Read Around the Planet. Very cool Amy! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out – Just for the sake of clarity, I am coordinator at my district for VC events (RAP, RAA, RA Az, provider content events and others) BUT RA Az was the brainchild of Nicole Steele of the Florence, AZ USD (modeled after 2006 RAA). Nicole and I are vc trainers in our county, as part of the Pinal County Consortium . We both LOVE to promote classroom dialogue and she just thought it would be a great opportunity to do a small, local (no time zones to sort through) event within our state. Nicole was RIGHT, of course!!!

    We are always looking for ways to engage our teachers in vc and waiting till spring woudl be such a challenge. The cost ($0) and no time zone considerations, made he idea of an in-state event ideal for exposing our teachers’ to vc and providing prep and practice for the larger RAP event (I think of RAA and RAP as the year’s culminating events!) just in time for verfications to begin and registration to open.

    Several of our RA Az partners have already planned to meet via vc to conduct collaborative lessons. One classs is even hoping to meet at a winter field trip to the Renaissance Faire, on school day! Talk about promoting dialogue!

    One of the most interesting thinigs for me to see was when students who had participated in RAA last Spring (it was snowing everywhere but AZ) were trying to understand the concept of 200 miles away, same weather, same time – when last year they connected to North Dakota who looked out at 2 feet of snow while we were in a 150 day drought! Broadened horizons!!!

    If you would like to connect K-12 with MUSD, contact me at achayefsky@musd20.org. Have IP will travel (um, err) connect!

    Have a great weekend – 3 RA Az events to go, then RAP Verifications & Registration!

    Amy Chayefsky, Technology Integration, Maricopa USD, Maricopa, AZ

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