RAP Update

Just a quick note for those of you who are participating in Read Around the Planet this year. We’ve been running some preliminary matches with the requests already in the system and it’s looking really good for the English matches. TWICE is using a new database this year and the computer will be matching everyone. (Unlike in the past where TWICE volunteer board members spent 3 weeks matching by hand!)

The number of “leftovers” for the regular English match requests is less than 5 (compared to 100 leftovers last year). So in my opinion, all the challenges we’ve had with the system this fall are so totally worth it.

However, we only have 40 World Language match requests right now. We need more requests to help make those matches. So please encourage your language teachers to participate!

Just a reminder that the match requests have to be in by this Friday, January 19. And no changing your mind after January 19!

The matches will be posted in the system by January 31.

If you haven’t started the process for this year, it IS too late. Mark November on your calendar for next year and start reading about the process of this huge project.

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