Reach for the Sky

Angela Conrad, Humble ISD, is presenting about what is in her cloud. Blogging for this session is sponsored by October Smith, who provided the Internet for this blog. Thanks October! See for more information.


  • It gives your contact information as a text message. (Thanks Brandi)
  • Can put homework in this.
  • Could put quiz questions.
  • Could send spelling words.
  • It’s only text.
  • Check the box, send me a txt when my card is requested, so you can see what cell phone numbers have requested it.


  • iGoogle
  • Book Search – create your own little library
  • GoogleDocs
  • Shared Calendars


  • A place to capture share organize anything you find on the web.
  • There’s a how to video on how to make it public and have it automatically update your twitter account – see the videos on the right side of the home page
  • Install a toolbar in FireFox (click Box and Save) – images, text, pages, videos, etc.
  • Some of her containers are private and some are public
  • Could use it in a research project etc.
  • It saves all the source information too so you know where you got it
  • You can view a list view or a box view
  • You can share your boxes and collaborate on what’s in them
  • You can embed the code for the box into another page
  • You can share so they can view or edit or contribute


  • Use Favorites – it’s not Favorites but favorite tweets


  • You can share slides
  • You can embed video etc right in the presentation
  • Can bulk upload files
  • It’s not just presentations, other files can be shared too
  • Here’s an example of her slideshare for Texas History Mystery


  • The zooming editor for stunning presentations
  • It’s sort of like an animation plus presentations plus zooming
  • It’s more like visual thinking instead of linear thinking – you can draw lines to make connections between pieces of the presentation
  • You have a bubble navigation so that you can easily jump to different parts of your presentation depending on your audience
  • You can draw your path for how you’ll present
  • You can decide who can decide who can view or edit

  • Use to livestream teachers with annotated notes when the students are at home sick

  • Free brainstorming online
  • Angela takes notes in meetings online with this tool
  • You don’t have to have an account to get started, but if you want to save it you need an account
  • You can export to image files or HTML
  • Just like Inspiration and Kidspiration but you can’t go back to the outline – main difference

And more…..

Angela’s cloud is collected all together for this presentation on Glogster. Thanks Angela!!

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