Read Around the Planet Inspires…

Read Around the Planet Participation from 2009

I love it when Google Alerts sends me interesting Read Around the Planet notifications. Here are a few little tidbits to tantalize you as the last moments of summer slip away and you start to think about videoconferences for the 2010-2011 school year.

Read Around the Planet inspires Reader’s Coffeehouse

This little clip is from a teacher whose inspiration from Read Around the Planet last year inspired a “Reader’s Coffeehouse” to involve parents.

In 2008, I considered having a Coffeehouse after remembering a snippet from Debbie Miller’s Reading With Meaning where she discusses twinkling lights, poetry, and a coffeehouse setting. After researching the history of coffeehouses, it made perfect sense to me.  I wanted to host a parent night, but I wanted it to be simplistic and sophisticated. After all, the students were maturing as readers and writers.  I suppose what set the idea in stone was our participation in Read Around the Planet.

Read the whole post here. Has Read Around the Planet given you new ideas by talking to students and educators in another location?

Community SlideShare for Read Around the Planet

Cheryl Morin recently posted online her slideshare with pictures her class shared with their partner class for Read Around the Planet. Great examples of how to capture community experiences to share via videoconference!

So, what ideas do you have simmering in your brain for the 2010-2011 school year?

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