Read Around the Planet to SK, no, wait, TX!

subtitle: Twitter saves the day.

This afternoon we had a Read Around the Planet connection to Saskatchewan that fell through at the last minute. So I posted it at 12:15 to Twitter that I desperately needed an audience class, and by 12:30 I had a partner, thanks to Roxanne and Beth Alton.

Our class had been working on Japanese storytelling, called Kamishibai. The students wrote a story, then illustrated it with beautiful drawings on cards.¬† Here’s a sampling of the drawings. They were very nicely done.

Japanese storytelling
Japanese storytelling

Several students also shared nice little write ups about Michigan, Stevensville, and their school. We were so grateful to have the students in Texas to be an audience for us.

Of course, then we had the question and answer part. Here is a sampling of some of their questions.

  • How cold is it?
  • Do you have Dr. Pepper?
  • What kind of food do you like? The Moody high school kids told us that they eat snakes and armadillos. But then after our kids reacted, they said they were kidding. Everyone laughed!
  • Do you have any beaches? (we do – Lake Michigan)
  • Do you have movie theatres? (both small towns)
  • What kind of music do you listen to? (from MI); What’s y’alls favorite band? (from TX)
  • Can we find your town on a map? (TX answer: maybe, it’s really small!)

Our kids loved to say “goodbye y’all” at the end. They said, “are y’all making fun of us?” No, we just think it’s cool! Thanks to Roxanne and Beth for saving the day!

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