Remembering Pearl Harbor

It’s December 7, and we’re remembering Pearl Harbor by having three sessions interviewing panels of our local World War II veterans. Here are some of the questions the students asked:

  • What was your inspiration or motivation during the war?
  • Which front do you think was the most difficult?
  • Do you think it made a difference in your experience if you were drafted or volunteered?
  • Do you think the U.S. did anything to provoke the Pearl Harbor attack?
  • What did you miss besides family? (Coke & milk)
  • What do you think was your greatest accomplishment during the war?
  • How many pounds of equipment did you carry and what all was part of your gear?
  • How did Hitler’s decision to invade Poland affect your life?
  • Have you ever been back to Europe and what were your impressions when you went back?
  • How did the war affect you & your family economically?
  • Did 9/11 affect you the same way Pearl Harbor did?

We had three panels participate today:

9:30 session

Arden Pridgeon, Army; Frank Smith, Army; Don Sprung, Army; Frank Cupp, Air Corp.

10:45 sessions

Ray Sreboth, Army; Jimmy Butt, Army; Rich Ziebart, Air Corp.; Bob Ziebart, Army

12:30 – 1:30 pm

Rich Ziebart, Air Corp.; Bob Ziebart, Army; Val Ripsco, Women’s Army Corp

What a great set of panels and students asking questions! Another excellent day of learning!

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