Sea Me Read

This afternoon Eagle Lake Elementary connected to Mote Marine Laboratory for the Sea Me Read: Smiley Shark program.

Before the program started the students enjoyed a flash(?) show of interesting shark and ocean facts. In the beginning, enthusiastic presenter Kasey reads the story, Smiley Shark, to the students in a high energy fashion, and students interact throughout the student with actions, Q&A and more. Check out how Mote Marine inserts Kasey into the book! Mote Marine’s visuals are exceptional, a feast for the eyes.

Next the students play a game with comprehension questions about the story, followed by pictures of different types of shark smiles and visuals showing various facts about sharks, including the size of their teeth.

After 15 min. of instruction, Kasey switches to the shark tank view and answers questions from the students.

Eagle Lake students had carefully studied Sharks and had a great set of questions prepared. Mote Marine showed pictures & visuals to help answer their questions.

This program is targeted to K-3 students and is perfect for short attention spans. It’s short & sweet; packed with facts and comprehension questions, and visually rich. If you haven’t been to Mote Marine yet, now’s the time!

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  1. Janine: Thanks for the kinds words. We really enjoyed working with you and the students from Eagle Lake. If anyone is interested in learning more about Distance Learning with Mote Marine Laboratory, please let us know. Thanks!

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