SIG IVC Annual Meeting

I’m at the SIG IVC Annual Meeting at a table of rowdy Jazz facilitators and participants.

The meeting started with introductions and an overview of the SIG mission and goals (which you can read online here).

There’s a SIG IVC Wiki for communication and collaboration. We all signed in to get on the communication lists.

We did a circle inside a circle to get to know each other and shared a transformative moment we have experienced through IVC. I enjoyed really listening to stories – talked to a math teacher from AL who shared how the kids really connected. He said he didn’t do anything differently than his regular face to face classes; but as he told us more, I think a key tip was that when the students talked, he zoomed in on their faces so they could really see each other.

Then we split up into committees to focus on research, communication, international, virtual NECC, and bylaws. The committees took a few minutes to figure out how they will keep working with each other.

Then there were some really funky prizes and we chatted some more. Nice to network with everyone!

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