Signs & Symptoms of a Successful VC Program

This morning I was chatting with Arnie Comer about our distance learning programs. He asked me if I had a class in the Polycom Special Event with Margaret Willey this afternoon. I don’t; because I sent it out once, and when no one signed up, I didn’t worry about it anymore. He said – that’s a sign of a successful distance learning program. Because my schools are already doing plenty of videoconferences I don’t feel I have to bug them, nor do I have time to…

So I thought it might be interesting to make a list of signs and symptoms of a successful videoconference program. Symptoms because sometimes it’s hard to manage the growth!

  • No longer is there time to blog every videoconference experience. Were you wondering why I’m not blogging as much?
  • Rarely calling teachers specifically to sign up for programs; instead they are beating down the doors to register.
  • A 15-25 videoconference day is no longer an anomaly.
  • A quiet day with no videoconferences is a rare treat indeed!
  • Spending much less time advertising; more time just connecting.
  • Not enough time to work with schools that aren’t using videoconferencing because the ones that are keep me busy.
  • Depending on my videoconference coordinators more and more for test calls & scheduling.
  • Not enough time for troubleshooting problems.

Do you see any of these signs and symptoms in your area? Can you think of any others? Any suggestions in dealing with the symptoms? Please comment!

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