Singing Across America

10 Read Across America connections today. They all worked!!!

I didn’t get to watch them all, as I’m letting go and letting my districts connect on their own whenever possible. But I saw several and what stood out today was the singing!

At least four classes shared songs today: School songs, Suess songs, even a water cycle song from a class in Texas. Some classes had actions to go with the songs, others stood in a group to sing. The songs added a fun and celebratory element to the presentations.

Andrea Israeli and I had a conversation today about whether or not we should do these all stacked together in a few days. It’s exhausting for distance learning coordinators making it all happen. But it’s such a celebration of reading and videoconferencing. We decided it’s worth all the work. It gets teachers participating in VC who often wouldn’t get around to it otherwise. In schools where several classes participate, the teachers participate in a shared experience and compare what they learned and experienced in the connections. This increases the buzz for videoconferencing and increases the enthusiasm all round. Is this true for you too?

25 down, 13 to go.

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