Skype is the NECC VC news?

Hmmm. Still thinking about yesterday’s post about the lack of VC blog entries from NECC. After reading Brian’s comment, I skimmed through his blog entries from NECC. In describing the Blogger’s Cafe, he said:

Someone brought over their laptop so they could Video-Skype a friend from across the country that is interested in progressive education so she could listen in and Chris was totally accommodating. This is how to conference. The face to face is awesome and needed.

So I hopped over to technorati for a search on Skype & NECC07. 68 posts! With people Skyping in friends who couldn’t make it to NECC to join the conversation, Skype chatting during a session (or not in a session) with others, etc. How cool is that! We need that for the IVC crowd at NECC & away from NECC next year.

Looking at my list of IVC bloggers, I think most of us couldn’t make it to NECC this year. That would account for less blog entries. So would the lack of IVC sessions. Seems like there weren’t as many as last year. Here’s a program search for videoconference, videoconferencing,  and IVC. Certainly some neat sessions that I would have loved to read about!

Anyway, from the hitchhikr perspective, it seems that Skype was the videoconferencing news this year and a tool that should be used next year to bring in conversations with our VC friends who can’t make it to NECC. A continuous NECC-Skype-chat-cast on VC next year anyone??!!

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