Snippets of Jazz Day 1 & 2

Another week of Jazzing Up Your Curriculum with Videoconferencing. I have 4 high school people and 3 elementary people this week from 5 of my districts. Roxanne is blogging it in detail so far, so I thought I’d give you a sample of pictures to give you a flavor of the experience so far.

Day 1
In the morning we had exchange project simulations: Community based on Michigan Week Exchange, Read Around the Planet, Science Exchange, and Monster Exchange.

In the afternoon we connected to Greenbush, Kansas and learned about the rainforest and did activities with Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

Here are some samples of how the groups are meeting together. We have 6 groups across the 4 sites in our set and I think Ken’s group has 7 groups meeting across 3 sites.

Day 2
Tuesday morning we began with a Math Marvels simulation. There were some very funny math problems, but the Cockroach one took the cake! Participants got more practice with various ways to show visuals.

In between during local time we (BCISD) did a test call with Janie Panagopoulos who just got a Polycom Viewstation last week installed in her house. She talked to our teachers about the programs she offers and her history of 8 years of videoconference experience.

After lunch Shane at Region 12 sang songs and led the participants in the Hokey Pokey, and taught us about videoconferencing etiquette.

Each site’s Word Wall is growing with videoconferencing and Web2.0 terms.

One of the groups meeting in Shane & Roxanne’s office got into the hat bag!

It takes a lot of energy to facilitate Jazz!

So that’s just a flavor of the fun and learning going on in Michigan, Ohio, and Texas this week!

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