Snippets of Jazz Day 3 & 4

Still Jazzing this week. Almost done! Just group projects left for tomorrow! Don’t forget to follow Roxanne’s blog as well for the daily facilitator summaries and you can browse the whole photo collection online as well. Many of the participant sites were tagging pictures by the vocabulary words (VC, network, Web 2.0), so you can search the photos for terms like “blog”, “Skype” and “mute” to get illustrations of those concepts.

Day 3
In the morning we did MysteryQuest Beaches, the professional development version of all the MysteryQuests out there: MQ World, MQ USA, Where in Michigan, Texas History Mystery, RegionQuest, and LiteratureQuest, to name a few. The participants had a blast decorating and presenting clues. This year they were really hard on each other with clues that were too obscure to figure out. Hmmm. I wonder if that’s because I said not to give any clues that could be Googled!?!

In the afternoon we connected to GNG and enjoyed a simulation of the Pulse program. I wrote about this yesterday.

Day 4
First thing in the morning  we  were able to watch a summer school at Patrick Hamilton, Dowagiac, Michigan connect to Windhoek, Namibia, Africa for a cultural exchange. The connection was amazing and the students really enjoyed the interaction. Students discussed topics such as animals, great things about your country, apartheid, tribes, favorite subjects, and sports. We had a few echoing issues but everyone handled it well and realized there are ways to get around such issues. 


In the morning all seven sites connected together for Jim Wenzloff’s overview of ASK and then an interview with Don Alsbro, one of our local Vietnam veterans, who also organizes our veterans here for the Lest We Forget programs. Stephan started us off with a rousing rapping roll call.

Right during the debrief of the ASK programs, we lost Internet connectivity for the whole ISD for about 10 minutes. So we soon gave up and went to lunch.

We also took last minute photos and group shots for the culminating video Shane is putting together for us. Region 12’s group had the privilege of access to Shane’s bag of hats for their photo.

During the workshop we’ve had so many Skype conversations going on – the facilitators chat, the communication specialists chats, the group chats, the participants typing to ask questions of facilitators…

I’m in our Tech Center, which isn’t set up for videoconferencing quite as well as our distance learning room. So we put a pig next to the camera to help us look at the camera. “Talk to the pig!”

Tomorrow the groups present and we end with a bang!

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