Snow Day Etiquette

WSBT News Reports on the Snow

Yay! Today we have a snow day! But, I had five Holiday Hoopla videoconferences and 1 Cleveland Zoo program today. As I’m thinking about those, I thought it would be good for another post on Snow Day Etiquette!

  • Warn. If you think you might have a snow day, email your partner class to let them know! Communicate!
  • Email everyone! As soon as you find out you have a snow day, email everyone involved in the VC – the teachers, the techs, the VC coordinators. Make sure everyone is in on the loop.
  • Phone! If you don’t hear back soon that they got the message about the snow day, call them!! Make sure they know that you’re not available.
  • Reschedule. As soon as possible (even in your first email!), start proposing additional specific dates & times to reschedule. Don’t let it wait too long.

And, while we’re thinking about rescheduling, here are some tips to make sure that you actually do reschedule!

  • Propose specific dates & times. Don’t just say, “Do you want to reschedule?” Of course they do! They worked hard on their presentation like you did. Skip past the fluff of the conversation. Get to the point. Give specific dates & times that you can do.
  • Multiple time zones. If you are working across time zones, give the new dates & times in both time zones. Save time on thinking and conversion for both groups as you try to reschedule. if you need help.
  • Follow up soon. Partners “grow cold”, just like news leads. Don’t wait too long or everyone will have moved on.

Now, it’s time to make some Christmas cookies: chocolate mint sticks. Yummy! How are you spending YOUR snow day? If you don’t have a snow day, how do you WISH you were spending it?!

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