Spanish Read Across America

This morning Brandywine Elementary is connecting to a Spanish Immersion school in Columbus Ohio for a Spanish version of Read Across America. Our classes have Spanish only once a week, so they aren’t quite as fluent. The classes shared poetry, short statements, and choral readings together, mostly in Spanish. The question and answer part they did in English.

This was the first connection for Brandywine with their new Polycom VSX7000 mobile in the district. This connection was our first over a wireless Internet connection between the elementary school and the high school where the T1 comes in. The quality was amazingly good! Nice to know that this model is going to work well for us!

The other neat thing for my school is that the students in Columbus had done several videoconferences. So they told our students all about the different programs. Great for my school to hear about all the possibilities from students! I love it when schools learn from each other this way!

The Columbus students asked my school what they hope to do with videoconferencing. One of our students said, “I want to connect to you again because it’s very fun to talk to you guys.” Then our students asked them if they wanted to do Flat Stanley together and be pen pals. What a great partnership and first VC for my school!

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