Stories from Read Around the Planet

This morning Donna Farren, Linda McDermon, and I were part of a panel discussion for the NCSSM Interactive Videoconference Workshop. We talked about projects we’re doing, how we train teachers, how we advertise programs, and how we “hook” teachers on distance learning.

I was delighted to hear Linda McDermon tell about her Read Around the Planet connections this year. They had 4 kindergarten classes participate, and one of their fourth grade classes was lucky enough to be matched with a school in the United Kingdom. Linda had brought along to the workshop a bag of items that the UK class had mailed to them. She always has her collaborative partners exchange packages. She pulled out all kinds of interesting things: a flag, a soccer jersey, a medal for the Queen’s 80th birthday, and more. Their classes emailed each other every week after their RAP connection in March. They videoconferenced every three weeks including a session in June!!

We don’t always get to hear the follow-up stories of Read Around the Planet, and this one was especially neat to hear. Thanks Linda for sharing!!

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  1. Last week in Jazz, one of my teachers had done RAP last year and we looked up the phone number and email of her partner teacher and is going to email her to see if they can continue to connect this year.

    It is the stories like this that make it all worthwhile.


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