Strange Screens

Spent the day today with TWICE colleagues Arnie Comer, Sue Porter, and Connie Solis sitting in a conference room at the MACUL conference in Grand Rapids waiting for the network details to be setup for our videoconferences tomorrow. AVI Systems graciously loaned TWICE a Polycom VSX 7000 and peripherals to do videoconference sessions all day tomorrow and Friday.

We had a funny experience. Due to a scheduling glitch we couldn’t set up in the room we will be in tomorrow, so we set up temporarily in another room to do test calls this afternon. No screen though. And the wall was pin striped. Very hard to read the diagnostic settings, etc. projected on a pin stripe wall! So, resourceful Mike from ICI set up a makeshift screen: the switch we were connecting through. Not a very big screen, but it did the trick. I wish we had been able to take a picture so I could share it here!

Everytime you take equipment to a hotel or conference center to do videoconferences it’s an adventure! Today was no exception!

Now that it works, we are looking forward to a great line up of sessions for the TWICE room at the MACUL conference!

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