Student Comments from Ben Carson Videoconference

I just received a package from Andrews Academy, the school that participated at my location in the Ben Carson videoconference on Monday. It included a picture of the event along with thank you notes from all of the students who participated! Here’s a sampling of their comments:

  • It was an awesome experience. And now I know that you don’t have to be “top” of the social part of school, but academically!
  • I was very inspired. I now know that I can do anything I put my mind to. I’m going to start reading more!
  • I really enjoyed the interview with Dr. Carson. He was really down to earth with a lot of helpful advice.
  • I really liked that he answered our questions in a way we could understand.
  • It was so great to learn about how Dr. Carson became who he is. It’s very inspiring to us high school students.
  • Thank you for letting us be able to learn something from one of today’s great people!
  • I really heard a lot of things that I needed to hear.
  • Thank you for the stories. I really needed some inspiration.
  • This was an amazing experienced and I will never forget the things the Dr. was talking about.
  • The videoconference with Dr. Carson was an incredible experience – to be able to listen to a man who’s gone through so much, and done so much for others, was inspiring!
  • I loved his stories and words of advice.

Yeah! It’s a wonderful thing to impact the lives of kids!!!

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