Students Ask Questions of Senator Levin

Just finished one of my favorite annual videoconferences that we do. Students from Buchanan, Coloma and New Buffalo High Schools interviewed Senator Levin on current issues. Clearly the students had given much thought to their questions and included facts and information they had researched when asking their questions. A few highlights include:

  • On a daily basis what are your duties? How much time is spent in Michigan vs. D.C?
    Senator Levin shared how he comes back to Michigan for events on weekends, to visit his family here and enjoying travel throughout the world on various trips, such as a recent trip to Iraq.
  • Several questions were asked regarding ANWR, the gas prices and other such energy issues. Students asked questions about hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and there was discussion of balancing security needs and environmental issues. In addition, students asked questions about the pollution in the Great Lakes system.
  • Students asked questions about jobs going overseas and Michigan’s unemployment rates. Senator Levin shared his thoughts on the problems of not taxing overseas profits for U.S. companies and the need for a tough trade policy with countries like China, which impose tariffs on U.S. products.
  • One student asked about the tension between Senator Levin’s support for raising the minimum wage and support for small businesses.

A very valuable experience for students, indeed! Videoconferencing brings the real world into classroom studies, again!

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