Students Thank Veterans

07-05-22thanks.jpgToday we have the second day of interviews with our Vietnam Veterans. Today’s Lest We Forget session is for high school students and students have prepared by studying the Vietnam War and in most cases watched our Lest We Forget video and prepared questions. The high school students have more in depth historical questions in addition to the questions about what it was like on a daily basis.

Yesterday and today we had some classes who prepared special expressions of appreciation for our veterans. These were very appreciated. At lunch today they were still talking about the kids yesterday who said, “thank you for your service.” One of the classes yesterday prepared this thank you poster.

This afternoon, Allendale High School and Methacton High School, PA, had students express their appreciation before they asked their question. The high school students were able to share their thanks in their own words vs. reading it off the card with their question. It was very moving for the veterans to hear these expressions of thanks.

Thank you to all the teachers who encourage students to express their appreciation via posters, comments, and thanks to all of our veterans!

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  1. I need your assistance in finding more info about your “Lest We Forget” videoconference program concerning Vietnam. First, I am very interested in viewing the video. Second, my husband served in Vietnam with Dave Randolph,one of the local vets who was a participant in this program. He told us about the program and I in turn told my nephew and his brother,who are both history teachers. They both expressed interest in learning more about the whole teleconference program. Can you give me contact information to pass on to them? Dave gave me the name of Don Alsbro,who I believe had a part in putting this whole thing together but I notice he is now retired. Anything you can pass on would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    Deborah Sipe

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