Studying the Holocaust & World War II

Is your class studying the holocaust? There are several good options of videoconferences to supplement your studies.

  1. The Museum of Tolerance offers interviews with holocaust survivors. A little expensive, but well worth it. They are in California, so classes in the EST timezone can’t schedule before about 12:00 noon.
  2. The Holocaust Memorial in NY has a nice set of programs. I haven’t seen them, but they look good! These could be scheduled during your class period.
  3. Global Leap offers connections with the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. They are scheduled about 8:30-10:30 a.m. EST (at least right now – daylight savings might change that) about one Wednesday a month. This sounds like an incredible experience!
  4. Mr. Sacavage from Intermediate Unit 29 in PA offers a program on Holocaust and Tolerance Education. He has lots of experience, stories, pictures, and resources to share and can tailor the program to what you wish. We used him as the expert for the ASK: Daniel’s Story program last year and probably will again this year.
    Note to my local teachers: This ASK program is available for scheduling if you wish. If you use the ASK format, we pay for it. Otherwise you can apply for a mini-grant. We could schedule Mr. Sacavage to go with a different book such as Night or Anne Frank’s Diary. Email or call me at the ISD to discuss options.
  5. Vanderbilt Virtual School is offering four 35-40 min. videoconferences with survivors this fall. They are scheduled at specific times, so plan ahead!
  6. In addition, you may want to search the BCISD VC Database for World War II for additional choices, or check out Eyewitness to American History from the Battleship New Jersey or the programs from the Arizona Memorial Museum Association.
  7. In February, we will be offering Lest We Forget interviews with our local World War II veterans. Depending on scheduling and local interest, we may have a few slots for classes outside our area to participate. Stay tuned here for details.

To my local teachers, email me or visit to schedule any of these videoconferences.

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  1. Please include me for the February Project. I am currently working on a similar project with several children interviewing veterans. We honor them as well.

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