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Rebuilding the Plane While Flying It

by Armchair Aviator

Wondering why I’ve been so quiet on this blog? I’ve had a huge learning curve in my new job, but it’s also the chaos of a merger!

I’ve been making sense of it all by using the metaphor that we are rebuilding the plane while we are flying it.

The plane is Griggs University with all of its online students; as well as Andrews University and all its online students; as well as the off-campus programs of both Griggs and Andrews.

Griggs uses the open enrollment model, which means we always have students. There is no way to “stop” and start over! So as we have moved to Andrews University and are now working on merging with Andrews, all the changes need to be made while we are still serving students. And as we merge with Andrews, we have to consider the “Andrews way”, the “Griggs way”, and create some new way that is most efficient for everyone!

Here’s a brief overview of some of the work in our horizon:

  • Merging two student information systems
  • Merging two financial systems
  • Merging two learning management systems
  • Figuring out how to create new processes to support open enrollment students in a primarily semester-based Andrews system
  • Inventory of all distance courses of Griggs and Andrews and identify needed course upgrades
  • Determine needs of Griggs and Andrews faculty to identify needed training and faculty development
  • Infrastructure: building and streamlining processes and support technologies to better serve distance students

That’s a little peek into my world…

Fun fun!! Onward & upwards!

About My New Job

As many of you know, I started a new job with Andrews University / Griggs University on July 1.

In this first post in my new position, I want to give you some background, particularly for those of you wondering where I went and why!

Quick Facts

  • Andrews University gained ownership of Griggs University and International Academy on November 1, 2010.
  • Griggs has been involved in international home study, correspondence learning, and distance education since 1909.
  • Both Griggs and Andrews University serve the Seventh-day Adventist world church.
  • Griggs University serves approximately 2900 students, and Griggs International Academy services 1200 students.
  • Griggs has projects in all areas of the world.

Further Reading

So far, we’ve been unpacking boxes from the move and getting settled. It might be quiet here for a while as I get my feet on the ground. But I hope to be sharing what I’m learning; results of research I’m doing on various e-learning topics; and pictures from travel (sounds like trips to Asia are in my future). So stay tuned for more!

Why I’m in the Leadership Program Part 2

This morning we learned about the philosophy of the Leadership and Educational Administration department. These are the main concepts and they fit my own core values very well.

  • A Christian worldview is fundamental
  • Human dignity and moral well-being must be protected
  • Knowledge is socially constructed
  • Learning is not hierarchical
  • Change is inevitable
  • Servant-leadership is the leadership concept of choice
  • Life is often ambiguous

Therefore the program is dynamic, life-related, job-embedded, builds competencies, builds a learning community, and is individualized.

This morning’s inspiration focused on the department value of human dignity.

  • God loves us.
  • We are unique.
  • God loves us uniquely.

We also thought about these rules (patterns).

  • Golden Rule: Do to others as you would have them do to you.
  • Platinum Rule (Gold Shined): Do to others what they need done to them to experience is love and meet their love needs.
  • Silver Rule: Do to others what you want.
  • Bronze Rule: Do to others what they do to you and more.
  • Iron Rule: Do to others BEFORE they to do you.

Competency, the foundation of our learning plan, is made up of knowledge, skills/performances, and beliefs/attitudes.

The professors are experts in setting up experiences that allow us to demonstrate or show our expertise. They believe that we have expertise and valuable past experiences and honor that in the learning experiences.

For these reasons and more, I know that this program is right where I belong.

Why the Andrews Leadership Program?

So, why, you ask, did you choose the Andrews University Leadership program out of so many other choices?

First, for the faith component. Andrews University professors are Seventh-day Adventist Christians and I know that my own faith will be challenged and will grow in my learning at Andrews. I crave the prayerful environment and look forward to learning with other Christians.

Second, for the self-directed learning. Ever since I learned about this program in the ’90s when I taught some email workshops for the participants, I’ve known that if I ever pursued a Ph.D. it would be the AU Leadership program. I’m intrigued by the competency based format, attracted to the portfolio defense process, and entrenched in on-the-job learning. Therefore I believe this program fits my learning needs & style.

Finally, the Leadership goals match my own.

Leadership prepares leaders for service in their professional forums. I want to serve better.

Leadership is based on the demonstration of key competencies and is individually customized, reflecting the practical skills acquired in the workplace. I want practical learning embedded in my work.

Leadership is a community of learners dedicated to the principles of Christian service. I want to be part of a learning community of others committed to Christian service.

For these reasons, plus a few personal reasons, I have chosen the AU Leadership Program to pursue a PhD.