The Best VC Demo Ever!

I’ve been at the Macomb Summer Technology Academy for the last three days presenting The World is Your Classroom with my good VC friend Arnie Comer. We’ve done the usual demo with a content provider to show teachers how videoconferencing works.

We’re also talking about collaborative connections, and another great VC colleague, Ken Conn from Lamar Consolidated ISD, has been giving clues about his location to help teachers see how collaborative projects such as MysteryQuest can happen. Well today we are lucky enough that the students are back in school. So today the clues came from students at Navarro Middle School. The teachers here loved it! It was also amazing and impressive to see how the students were able to remember VCs they did last year and tell our teachers about them. Nothing like hearing about videoconferences from the students’ perspective!

So the next time you do a VC demo, try to include kids if you can!! It’s a wonderful experience for the teachers to see!!

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  1. Thanks, Janine. This was very informative and inspiring for me. Actually, we do have the system of videoconferencing in our institute here in Kuwait; unfortunately it’s used to support gender-segregated classes; a law recently implemented in Kuwait University.

    I will try to see if it’s possible for us, EFL instructors here to do videoconference projects, using the studio or as it’s called here the Distance Learning Center. I will let you know how it goes through a post to your blog here, later.

    Thanks, again Janine and good luck with all the great work you’re doing to help and inspire teachers and students everywhere in the world.

  2. Thanks for the comment Buthaina. You might be interested in this post too from the NECC conference. Maybe the classes from your university could do some of these project ideas with similar classes in Saudia Arabia. We’ve found here in Michigan even connecting kids in fairly similar geographic regions can be a useful educational activity.

    I wish you the best!

  3. I like the post from the NECC conference; great ideas! Will try to use some of them for this Fall 2005; however, I’m not sure about the Saudi side; but will try.

    Appreciate your assistance and support.

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