The Eye of the Storm

I feel like I’m in the eye of a storm. Today, March 8, is the day between the Read Around the Planet and the RAP World Language Connections. And for once in this year, I have NO videoconferences scheduled. Silence in my office. I can’t believe it! So I’m catching up and part of that is cleaning up my clippings of things to blog about. So here are some odds and ends.

Muskingum Valley ESC
In February, one of our schools tried a program from Muskingum Valley ESC. I didn’t get to see it because I was running a MysteryQuest. However, here’s the evaluation comments from the teacher:

The presenter was excellent, she used lots of different mediums, and she was wonderful with our students (positive, calling them by name, etc.). We have an anti-bullying program in our weekly LifeSkills Classes so I would recommend this to schools without a program in place; perhaps for 3rd grade level (we had 4th). The presentation was long…75 minutes, but our kids enjoyed being taught by a long distance teacher.

They have several interesting programs for all the grade levels. Check them out!

VC Used in Congressional Hearings
In a quiet moment of catching up on reading a while ago, I found this article from Eutopia intriguing because of the picture! The caption reads:

Alvin Toffler appears on a television monitor as he testifies before a Congressional Economic Committee in June on Capitol Hill. This is the first time that interactive video and teleconferencing technology has been used during congressional hearings.

Nice to know Congress is using VC to get work done too!

Albany Institute of Art
This little snippet is pretty cool. The Albany Institute of Art put together a little promo video about their programs. Check it out!

Cool Stuff Paul is Doing
Are you reading Paul Hieronymous’ blog? Here are some project ideas I saved for future reference:

Thanks, Paul, for documenting all these good ideas!

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