The More You Share, The More Power You Have

I was intrigued by Will Richardson’s post from this week – “the less you share, the less power you have.” I’d like to state it more positively – the more you share, the more power you have.

I’m thinking in particular of Monster Match and its spin offs and the spin offs from the spin offs. My teacher who posted the “Gobbling Up Descriptive Writing” project was so excited to see the class that used her idea for More Descriptive Writing… Her partner teacher noticed the Snowman one that was posted. She found it so affirming that others were using the ideas.

So, you could say, how is that more power? Well, how do you define power?

  • If it’s greater self-confidence to influence others, then this is an example of greater power.
  • If its a realization that one can make a difference not only in one’s own classroom but for other teachers too, then this is an example of greater power.

It empowers teachers to realize that others are using their ideas. Do you agree?

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